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For years I had felt as though I was meant to do something big. It was as if my soul was whispering to me the lessons I had learned through the life experiences I had overcome were not meant for me alone. I felt as though I should share my story. I didn’t know where or how, but I felt this was part of the purpose of my life's journey. 

Along with these whisperings, there was doubt

Doubt in my ability.

Doubt that I could truly help people with my story. 

Doubt that I should be dreaming of an influence outside of my home. 

Then I saw a family movie that contained content I felt was grooming children for sexual abuse.  

I had a very small platform and from it, I shared my thoughts on this movie and the dangers it could pose to impressionable children. With vulnerability, I shared that the lens through which I could see this was that of a survivor of child abuse.  

My article quickly went viral, lighting up conversations among moms around the world.

As a result of the outcry my article incited, the movie was pulled from theaters to be edited for content. This had never before occurred.  

I again felt the tug, that my words and my story could be used to help others.

The seed that had been planted began to grow.

I started this business to help people just like me

 "Most of all I felt heard and she helped me dissect my trauma. I truly felt she helped me unlock my healing. I never felt pushed or pulled by her. It was very organic and authentic to me."
- Trisha C

"The amount of reference material that Terina suggested made the work significantly deeper for me."

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"I tripled my sales using your method!"

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"Working with you was a dream. Thank you!!"

The confidence to show up and stay present throughout the whirlwind of going viral was built upon an experience I'd had the year earlier. I became informed of the #MeToo movement and its mission. As I became educated about consent I realized that an experience I’d had several years prior had been sexual assault. 

Sharing my story publicly with the world had allowed me to heal wounds I didn’t even know I had.  

As I was healing the long-opened wounds from that experience, I reached out to a family member. I shared what I had learned, realized, and what I was doing to heal that pain.  

As a result of my vulnerability in sharing with them, they felt comfortable confiding in me that they had been sexually abused by a family member as a child.  
This was the first they had ever spoken about this to anyone in the family.  

Sharing my story with them, gave them permission to share their story with me. This allowed both of us to heal on a deeper level. 

Healing comes 
in layers

fun facts

about me

  • Mama of three awesome kiddos
  • Married to my best friend
  • Arizona Native
  • I'm neurodivergent
  • Love to travel and have been to 5 countries

Avid book reader and Potter head

Will travel an hour just for a good cup of coffee

Years later as my family and I made the courageous and difficult decision to walk away from a high-demand religion I saw so many people going through the same things I had in my healing journey from child abuse and sexual assault. It was devastatingly difficult to lose the foundation of beliefs we had built our life upon, beliefs that had guided practically every major decision in our lives. We also saw almost our entire social community turn away from us.  

I noticed the tools I had previously learned allowed me to navigate this loss much more easily than some. 

I found myself being a person of wisdom and light, a source of tools and resources for traversing that unknown and difficult path. That path led them away from toxicity and codependency with people and organizations and toward authenticity and confidence within themselves. 

I had people reach out to me in gratitude thanking me for my help and insights.  

The seed that had been planted grew even more. I then pursued education on modalities for healing. I voraciously consumed books, podcasts, studies, and publications related to healing, psychology, personal growth, and development. 

I then began mentioning those around me in my circle of influence. I shared my story as a co-author in the book Fear to Freedom: Stories of Triumph After Leaving a High Control Religion.  
I participated in coaching programs myself to strengthen my knowledge and tools to support others. I am a graduate of the Spotlight Speaker Accelerator program and a certified Step Into Your Moxie facilitator®.  

I now love supporting clients on their journey to authenticity and empowerment. Helping individuals and companies speak up for the ideas that matter most to them through individual coaching, public speaking and corporate facilitation.  

I would love to hear from you to understand how I can best support you or your organization in your quest to speak authentically with comfort.

I love supporting clients on their journey to authenticity and empowerment

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I love supporting clients on their journey to

authentity and empowerment

Each of us have different experiences and strengths. My story might be different than yours, and that's ok. I want to help you create a beautiful life, and empower you to feel comfortable showing up as your most authentic self. Let me help you cultivate deep love for yourself and healthy boundaries.

The main thing is, you get me on tap for whatever help you need.

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